Explorations in the Arts

Section 3, Spring 2017, Fridays, 2:10 pm – 5 pm

Course Schedule

Note: Instructor may revise as needed

February 3

Introduction to course, classmates, arts; Intro to poetry/Emily Dickinson

HW: Review of Dickinson show at Morgan and related materials; Blog post: What do the arts mean to you?

February 10

Meet at Morgan Library & Museum for tour of I’m Nobody, Who Are You?

DUE: Blogpost 1: What do the arts mean to you?

HW: Blogpost 2 – Option A: Compose a poem in response to a Dickinson poem; Option B: Post between 250 and 500 words on curation of Morgan show

February 17

Dickinson follow-up and share; What is art?; Intro to Photography
DUE: Blogpost 2
HW: 1. Read all materials in On Art page under Resources; 2. read all materials in On Photography page under Resources (especially Szarkowski and Sontag) to prep for International Center of Photography (ICP). 3. Take a photo that you think embodies the term “resistance”–post on blog with a brief explanation of your choice

February 24

Discuss Szarkowski and Sontag; resistant photo show
DUE: Blogpost 3
HW: Review materials in On Photography page under Resources on International Center of Photography (ICP)

March 3

Meet at International Center of Photography
HW: Blogpost 4

March 10

ICP wrapping up; intro to dance
DUE: Blogpost 4
HW: Read dance materials under Resources

March 17

DUE: Dance class
HW: Dance blogpost

***Dance Lincoln Center Sunday, March 19 at 6pm***

March 24

Wrapping up dance; Intro to P.S. 1

DUE: Dance blog post

HW: Work on paper 1

March 31

Meet in class

Due: Paper 1 (Blackboard)

HW:  Blogpost P.S. 1

April 7

Hour 3: Leubsdorf gallery???

Due:  Blogpost P.S. 1

HW:  Read theater materials and enjoy your break!

April 14


April 21

Theater class

***April 21 Bring the Beat Back at the Jack 8pm***

April 28

Theater wrap-up

DUE: Theater blog post

May 5

Hours 1 and 2: Digital project workshop; Hour 3: TBA

Due: Blogpost on theater performance

May 12

Wrapping up; digital project workshop

DUE: Essay 2 on Blackboard
: Finishing touches on digital projects for presentation

May 19

Presentations of Final Digital Project presentations begin on our final exam date