Explorations in the Arts

Section 3, Spring 2017, Fridays, 2:10 pm – 5 pm



You will be required to write various blog posts of at least 250 words each throughout the semester. Each blog prompt and due date will be posted below.

  1. Part 1: What do “the arts” mean to you? Some questions you might consider: How do you define the arts? What role do the arts play in your own life? Are you an artist or a fan of the arts? Are there art forms you’d like to learn more about? Part 2: On the same blog post, use a photo from your scavenger hunt as the Featured Image (decide with your partner who will post which photo). Write a few sentences in a final paragraph at the end of your blog post about the photo. What kind of art/artistic space does the photo represent? What do you think is interesting about the art/art space? DUE: Feb 10 Category: My Arts
  2. Option A: Compose a poem in response to a Dickinson poem; Option B: Post between 250 and 500 words on curation of Morgan show DUE: Feb 17 Category: Morgan Library: Dickinson
  3. TBA….


You will be required to complete two formal essays this semester. The assignment prompt for each will be posted below. Essays will be submitted on Blackboard and on our Blog. Categories: Essay 1 and Essay 2.

  1. Essay 1: Prompt TBA; DUE: March 15
  2. Essay 2: Prompt TBA; DUE: April 26

Final Digital Project

You will be required with a partner to complete a digital project about an arts venue in NYC that you and your partner will visit together. Assignment prompt TBA.

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