Upon our visit at BRIC, we were exposed to the artsy, casual and comfortable atmosphere they pride themselves on. Matthew Hartnett was one of the performers we saw and we learned he was just a regular Louisanna boy, who grew up loving food, family and music. Listening to the mash up of influences shine through his music, we noted that this unique genre humbled Hartnett and allows him to play from his heart. The mission statement of this establishment summarized in their goal to give any artist the opportunity to showcase their skills. Charging little to no cost for events or admission, their main focus is to “enable and amplify individual and community voices”. This means the people who push and work daily from pure passion are fortunate enough to have an establishment like this one. BRIC is the stepping stone for guests performing there and there was a lasting taste of genuine fun, laughter and passion for the arts to send us off.

Follow us in our experience at the BRIC