On April 21st and 22nd, the Jack Theater located in Brooklyn was having a theater show called “Bring the Beat Back”. This theater show was written by Derek Lee McPhatter and he described that this was a queer, black, sci-fi music-theater experience, set in a funky futuristic, groove-centered alternative reality. For the assignment, I chose the third question, how is the play resistant? My answer is that the story itself in this play was resistant because the story begins with a main character fighting for his true sexuality and the world against him. He had to be resistant for the several things: his family was a sincere Christian family and he had to deal with white supremacy because of his race.

As the play is dealing with large-scale political system, the space of the play was actually really small and the message of the story was not clearly delivered to the audiences. The actors and actresses were reading off of the script, not memorizing and acting it out, I guess that can be a resistance too. Other than that, the play was set up differently than usual play. The audiences could participate in dancing because the space was so small, and with not a lot of material, they made a great costumes and background. The play was resistant in a way that it was totally not like the other play. The plot of the story showed a lot of resistance because of the plot and setting that the main character was in and how the story went.