Music played as you enter the theatre. This was a critical piece and to the feeling upon entrance, with foil added to the walls adding to a sense of entering into another space, a place and atmosphere aligning with the Afrofuturistic theme. The playwright chooses to integrate music at different pints to discuss heavily weighed ideas and emotions and to create a jump in the illusion of time being passed in either a fast pace or in the analogy of the communication with the mother ship. The solo song performances served as soliloquies in theatre typically does to share the emotional insight into the character. It also proved to fuel the musical beat being explored when there were group performances by the main characters. As the music played and lyrics were shared in the main character group songs, they served to create a message while reinforcing societal norms or to serve as a critique of the main character that was grappling with his sexuality. There were several vocal performances throughout the play. The use of the chorus together reinforces a societal point or the group seemed to be like narration in an atypical play. There were many instrumental tracks. The electric keyboard was used, I discerned chimes at points and cymbals. At critical junctures, the music was more faced paced. The illusion was that it was speeding time along. The end of the play was uniquely crafted with the invitation of dancing to the audience. The songs that were pivotal to the main character’s development and ultimately getting the “Beat Back” were not only well orchestrated, but also memorable. The music conveyed emotion. There were moments where the emotion of turmoil, sadness or questioning was well conveyed and I felt the character’s emotions as though I were a friend. The catchy tunes and those that made me feel happy were fast paced, sang by the group of main characters and had the aim of the beat being “brought back” to gain admittance into the mother ship. Overall, the music felt futuristic at times and as an homage to 6o’s and 70’s funk, pop and soul. The performance met my expectation of a musical. The performances were stellar by the most experienced actors and the musical theatre aspect was met through their performances.