Bring the Beat Back was an almost creatively brilliant musical – the brilliance of the artists was portrayed through the show’s usage of the space, costumes, and audience integration. Sitting at the front center of the little room, with a gentleman blocking my view throughout the show, I still got to enjoy watching a show in the process of perfection.

This was not my first time at a rehearsal show, so with that in mind as I was watching the show the fact that the actors were reading from the script made it a little distracting. They didn’t seem very well prepared for an audience as they were stuttering with their lines a bit in the beginning. The previous show that i had watched in rehearsal, the actors knew their lines, and there was much interaction with the directors and actors as they would stop the show to make minor changes. Bring the Beat Back didn’t do that, so it made me think of a High School performance by mediocre actors.

Aside from the actors themselves, the usage of the little space of the room was really well planned out. What made me appreciate it so much is the almost aluminum foil-like wall decor, that set the stage as one of a sci-fi type theme, as well as its use for the lighting. Because the room was so small, the light would reflect off of the wall and allow for the focus to be changed to the desired actors.

This focus was also played with through the costume of the actors. The costumes were so creatively designed, so elaborate that focusing on one actor or set of actors per scene wasn’t very hard to do. The creativity of these costumes reflected the story line well as it talked about a serious issue (gay discrimination/struggle) through a fun experience.

The fun experience proceeded to the end as the actors began to dance inviting the audience with them! Not something I have ever seen before. The previous rehearsal I had went to was much more intimate in that it wasn’t on a stage, it was just a room with the props they would use on stage, so us the “audience” were sitting either on the floor along the perimeter of the room or on chairs around the room. But they still didn’t interact much with us at the end since they proceeded with rehearsal. Bring the Beat Back was very fun to watch, and it creatively expressed a thought, or feeling the writer had.