Art is viewed in many different ways due to the many different ties and relationships people connect with it. In my experience, I feel art is a form of expression. It allows people to open up to display all the feelings or ideas that they’re afraid to say out loud. Art is like a mask in the sense that the only way of knowing who created it would be a signature. The first form of art that comes to mind are physical paintings. There is so much dedication and emotions shoved into a one of a kind piece of work making Art something I feel should be very much respected.

I can connect to Art in the sketching forms of creation. I am more of an athletics type of person, but there are definitely times that make me itch and inspiration sparks. I primarily sketch by eye but I truly respect those that can just think of something and put it on paper. From the minimum interaction I have with Art, I can say that it allows me to get in touch with how I’m feeling primarily because of how raw creation is.