The best way to post your Final Digital Project is to use YouTube. You can use the YouTube Video Creator Studio to do so. You can create a free YouTube account or use your Gmail account and immediately have access to the creator studio, which enables you to upload audio and visual files and drag and drop for easy editing. If you prefer to use another program to create your video/audio file,  you can convert the file to YouTube. If you have only an audio file with no video element, that’s fine. You can always choose one static image to serve as the backdrop for the audio.

Once you have created your YouTube video, create a blog post and add a hyperlink that will take readers to your Final Digital Project video on YouTube. You can create a hyperlink by highlighting text, then clicking the hyperlink button in the toolbar on your blog post draft (it looks like a little chain between the numbered list and the quotation feature). The link below will take you to a YouTube final project from last semester, a visual slideshow with a voice-over conversation between two students.

Earth Room Video