bring the beat back                                         Bring the beat back

The overall message from the play Bring the beat back is that acceptance is the key, even though religion will interfere with that. Throughout the play this young man is struggling with sexuality and his faith. To be accepted by society he had to like the opposite sex and prove to the society and his family that he wasn’t gay. There’s was a point where he was sent to got to therapy to be accepted by the society and his family.

Seems like he found hope in music, music was the one thing that brought all of him together by being black, geek, and gay young man. This is the main reason music plays a big role in the play. He used music to express himself. One song that really stood out to me was Revelation of the Beat. I loved how it was about the mind, body, spirit rhythm. The title of it says it all. Revelation is something revealed or disclosure. This song made everyone move and happy. This was a great experience.