The play Bring the Beat Back fits in with the Jack theater because its tackles issues many different issues, some of which circle around religion and other cultural problems. It takes those issues and puts them into a narrative form. I think it tackles these issues head on but also allows for lots of open ended questions. Bring the Beat Back mainly tackles the subject of religion. Three main protagonist are trying to win the appraisal of god-like figures. The play resisted against the traditional norms of religion. The young man who plays one of the main character becomes a key elements to showing resistance to the norm. The older person who helps him was conformed to a straight man, but unleashes himself to show a different way of life for the young man. The older man is a symbol of the resistance. He speaks of another way of life and how times use to be different. He also brings up the idea of culture being taken from minorities and being popularization for the masses but not giving credit to the culture. This is brought up when he talks about the beat that was from his old community of people that was now being given to the god-like figures.