The music in the play “Bring Back the Beat” served as both exposition and a way to connect the audience with each of the characters’ emotions. In the beginning, the three characters in the mothership (I think they were in) revealed who they were and their purpose through a song. This song revealed that music was important in saving the Northern, Eastern, Western, and Southern parts of the Earth. After which the next three characters who are avatars of the faith, and are on Earth, have the responsibility in gathering believers and creating a song that will convince the mothership to save them. Here, it is evident that music was an important part of their religion and is how they pray. Unfortunately the music did not convince the mothership as the three senior characters found their song lukewarm. The three seniors demanded the three avatars find the beat that can save Earth. After an argument they began to sing with more emotions, the music connecting each of them.

The music also served to reveal the hidden intentions and desires of the characters. The boy passionately sang his frustration and desire to reveal his sexuality, or have a chance to explore it. This music was slower and softer than the previous music, it was wistful and revealed a yearning within the boy. In addition, the fiancée of the girl used music to express his frustration with the three elders and the confusion he had about the beat they were missing.