Bring the Beat Back at Brooklyn Jack’s theater based their play on the alternative futuristic reality of a man who struggles with his sexuality and acceptance from his community. The Jack’s theater from the outside look tattered and rundown with a large frame of Jack’s sign teetering on the side of the building. When I enter into the theater, I noticed the small audience and theater space, it helps develop a sense of personal experience. I received a warm welcome by the staff and was informed that they do sell alcohol. As I sit down on mu chair I noticed that the background of the play is made from aluminum foil which made it seem like it’s set in a futuristic time and the groove music and singing make sure that no one miss a beat. The story of the play is the Musicship Megarhythmic is on its way to save the humans from the end of the earth and you can’t get onboard if your mind, body, spirit and rhythm is in alignment. Trudy and her two brothers must sing in unity and pure from their hearts to save themselves from the apocalyptic situation. Trudy believes that her brother’s internal alignment is in question and his sexuality to be straighten out. The protagonist tries to contain his sexual urges while he goes through a journey of self discovery with his hired minister who will convert him to the rightful path. The ending of the play is the protagonist’s acceptance of his own sexual preferences and realizes that you don’t necessarily have to live by the book. Being true to yourself and live your life the way you envision is the only path as a person. After doing some research, Derek Lee McPhatter’s play was inspired by his own difficulties of growing as a black homosexual male and his struggles with his sexuality and his faith of god. It’s through music that he was able to overcome the homophobia in his church, school and community. Overall, it’s quite a fulfilling experience and sitting in the front row definitely ensure that I don’t miss a beat.