Bring the Beat Back, written by Derek Lee Mc Phatter and showing at the  Jack Theater in Brooklyn proposes an alternative theatrical experience in an underground scene of art. The production described by the writer as a queer, black, sci-fi music theater experience uses influences from the afro futurism movement to advance social claims of the african american community and make a political statement, and advocate for greater recognition of fundamental human rights and general tolerance.

By its topic, its form and general presentation, this play is by essence resistant. First and foremost, regarding the content, the show narrates the story of a young black boy on his journey to discover and affirm his sexually in a futuristic world ruled by superior religious entities, the Mama-ship.

Speaking of the characters, the chosen actors feature queer personas, a transgender male, a homosexual men, a women dressed up and playing the role of a heterosexual male, the whole cast being dressed is extremely colorful and flamboyant stage costumes.

The staging is also very modern: the actors are standing behind desks and appear to read their texts rather than really acting it. During the action, the director also choses to show two men kissing and one of the protagonist partially removing his clothes on stage, and thus breaking the classical codes of theater.

Moreover breaking further the established codes, of art, the play is an undefined mix between theater, musical, dj set and choir performance and humoristic comedy.

Despite some structural weaknesses of the plot, Bring the beat back invites the viewers to put asides its biases and reflect upon ways to achieve a more inclusive society.