Bring the Beat Back is a strange, dark, science fiction music-theater encounter, set in a loco advanced, groove-focused option reality. Enlivened by Afrofuturism, house music, and the underground ball scene, the show takes after a young fellow attempting to accommodate his sexuality with his confidence. The saint ventures towards profound insistence and self-revelation as moderate religious specialists and a gaudy eccentric subculture conflict over the music at the focal point of his reality.I like the scene when Datan had to confront his sexuality slowly and had to went through intervention. The main character of the play Datan is really frightened about true sexuality. Data is homosexual. But his strict family doesn’t allow him to be who he is. He can’t explain why he is different and that’s why he express his feelings through music. The first song he talks about love, happiness, dream and destiny. Datan just wants to be real. When his family finds out about his homosexuality they wanted him to get intervention. When Datan meets Prescott for intervention he gets to learn how tough it was for Prescott when he was going through the same problem with his sexuality.