This is the drawing I mande while listening the Eileen Myles poem at the Incoherents Salon. Her story was about a boy called Edward, speaking in the first person about his relation to his mother, and how his education impacted his was of being today.

Therefore, I draw Edward from the back looking at the entrance of a Church because the spiritual and religious dimension was very present in the poem – as the title recalls – but in the mean time, my church entrance also represents a mirror in which Edward watches himself in a reflection on his life. Behind him, in the from of my picture, I draw several hands pointing in each other’s direction.

These hands represent the true and false attitude people in their social interactions, as the poem mentions the mother figure being falsely nice to everybody in the street. The road separating those hands are the 2nd avenue of Manhattan that the author mentions but it can also be a more philosophical representation on the huge obstacle people put in front of themselves by playing social roles and faking certain attitudes in public.