“Icons: Graham, Cunningham, Taylor” performed by Paul Taylor’s Modern Dance company had put together an intriguing show that left me with many questions while I marveled at the perfectly chiseled dancers floating through the stage. The first dance was probably my favorite. The first dance was the “Diversion of Angels”. There were different sets of dancers wearing different costumes. There were dancers wearing all brown and three couples. The three couples represented three different colors, red, yellow, and white. Each couples approach to dance and movement was different. The couple in red seemed to dance more passionately, with more flare and somewhat of an aggressiveness. The couple in yellow danced more spontaneously, with sudden movements. The couple in yellow also smiled more than the other two couples. They had more jumps and more leaps. Finally the couple in white danced more gracefully and slowly. It seemed to me that the couple in white were more careful with their dance moves. All the other dancers danced around this couple and they were on the stage the longest. I assumed that they were the most important dancers and the main focal point. The ladies wore what seemed to be a combination of skirt and pant. In the front they wore pants but in the back it became a long flowy skirt. It allowed for movement but also kept the beauty of a long graceful dress. The dancers in brown also seemed to be backdrop dancers. The questions that were running through my mind when I was watching the dance was, did the man who was dancing with the woman in white cheat on her with the woman in red? Why were so many different dancers dancing with each of the women? How was the lady in yellow connected to the other women? It was interesting to see how meticulously they were dancing. I enjoyed the exact coordination between the dance and the music. To me it felt as if the music came second and the dance came first. The music was changing as the dancers were dancing, not the other way around. I believe that when this happens, and when the dancer is not adapting or changing when the music is, that is when you can truly appreciate the dance and the movements.