In Paul Taylor’s three piece performance, Summerspace was the one that stood out most. Unlike the first piece, Summerspace had many abrupt and straight movements. There was an erie wave that blanketed me while listening to the music and trying to piece together a plausible story to match. The Lincoln Center’s space is a dim lit circular area and it’s stacked seating resembles the Old Globe theater Shakespeare performed his plays in. The Koch theater created a intimate atmosphere for the small group of performers.

Summerspace was a performance evoking a bubbly vibe, adhering to the title’s indications. The dancers were dressed in a second-skin-like suit. This suit had an array of randomly dotted summer colors, exactly the same to the back drop. The identical outfits and background create a light and happy feeling with bodies roaming the stage relieving clutter. The music began to conflict with my experience watching the performance because there were sharper movements being made. There were scissoring arms and then there were graceful, yet repetitive leaps. The dancers gave off an excited and jittery energy, going against what I took as a dancer following another. At one point of the dance, a man was following another in short intervals of movement and then suddenly scooped the woman up in his arms and out of sight. This confused the energy that I originally felt, forming a creepier view of their story. The timing of this scooping out of view was abrupt further supporting my change in mood. Their actions taking wide leaps across the stage and staying at a distance from one another made me picture a field of flowers and the breeze taking them.

The visual aspects of the performance one hundred percent read the crisp and cheery correlations to summer. The spacious and enlongated movements paired nicely with the idea to the season being that it is the couple of months out of the year when students are free from school and free from the freezing cold. Unlike the other two acts of the performance, I noticed that this was one that touched even their facial features. The smiling faces added to the cheerful vibe they were trying to portray.