Diversion of angels.

As a class, we visited a dance performance show in David H. Koch Theater and watched three different dance performance each about 30 minutes long. From the three dance performance, I mostly liked the first one. The first performance was called Diversion of Angels by Martha Graham. The performance mostly matched my definition of dance and the movement expressed the character’s feelings and overall story that I could imagine what the story was. I felt like this modern American dance was really similar to ballet because of their movements, but it was a little heavier than ballet.

There were about ten people doing the performance and it was really interesting because it was the first time for me to see a proper show about dancing. At first when the curtain went up, the background of the performance got my attention. The background was clean dark blue color and it was easy to focus on dancers and their movements because of the clean background. Their way of expressing in their body movement was very intense and I can say that audiences clearly could see and feel their emotions clearly during the performance.

In my guess, the girl with the white costume is the main character and other two colored costume girls were part of the white costumed girl. I felt like the red costumed girl was representing the passion and eagerness and yellow girl was representing joy and happiness. The reason is because when the red girl comes out to dance, the music suddenly changes to fast and fiery music and when the yellow girl comes out to dance, the music became joyful and happy. The boys wore same costume and all people seemed to have their loved ones in the performance.