Promethean Fire as an analogy for me was the fact that there’s modern dance that can be perceived as unorthodox or contrary to the dance norms. Traditionalists may frown upon this art form, yet the fire and passion of the dancers conveys beauty and grace. In the Greek Titan’s (Prometheus) mythology, the fire was given to humans at a dear price of sacrificial torture. It has been argued that it lead to the eventual exhaustion of all enclosed in the daily ritual of the punishment.

The costumes were linear and contrasting with a dark black form fitting unitard with lines, gold and evenly spaced in the shape of an inverted V. The movement of the dancers bodies in postures that were linear created beautiful scenes against the solid black backdrop on stage.

There were moments in the dance that the dances intertwined, as in the beginning where a dancer was picked up and encircled the group. The group having created a shape like a bundle of bodies. The bundle of bodies symbolizing a formation, a rock or mass and the dancer was then enclosed into the group formation.

Perhaps it was the fast moving one legged, string of strong and then posed  for a  brief moment that further drew me into the performance; in fact it was these movements. The dancers conveyed strength despite pain in movements where you could feel their muscles strain. Yet they continued.

All the dance elements: Body/Action/Space/Time and Energy were encompassed with the flow of dancers across the stage as individuals and for group performance at points of the dance lending to the timing and efficiency of portraying the rock Prometheus was stationed to and his individual struggle with the consequence shown no as indicate dancers took to cross he stage with their graceful fluid movement.