The dance that surprise me the most is the first performance called the “Diversion of Angels”, it involves 3 couples showing three different stages of love and background dancers supporting them. For males they’re wearing only pants and females wear skirts. The costumes of female were made to fit tightly around torso and the lower part of the skirt is sewed to emphasis the legs. Three different colors represents the three phases of love. To me yellow represents young happy love, red represents passion and white symbolizes maturity and elegance. This dance was first performed by Martha Graham in 1948 and it’s her interpretation of romance. She wants to emphasis that people can always revert back to different stages of love at any age. The background music further emphasize the couple’s intent through the difference in tempo.This performance mentally prepares me to digest the other two performances. I was quite surprised when I saw the men doing the cartwheels throughout the performance, females racing across the stage in different patterns, springs their body and jumping to each other’s arm. Overall I am very pleased to view all of the performance in the show.