I was lucky to attend March 19th dance performance. The best part was it was free of cost. There was three couples. The couple in white, the couple in red, and the couple in yellow. To me, it appeared that the lady from the red couple was alluring and enthusiastic in her development. The couple in the white had a very surprising style in front of an audience. The couple in white appeared to utilize less space on the stage and furthermore had more steady and slower developments. The couple in yellow was like the red couple regarding vitality and time however not in body. The couple in yellow had speedy developments which likewise made them appear coy yet they didn’t have the same alluring quality in their developments. It appeared that the couple in white was a steady couple while the couple in red was an enthusiastic couple and the couple in yellow was all the more a kinship than a couple. The play may be called Diversion of Angels since it appeared like the couple in red was enticing the couple in white all through the move. Through their body and vitality, it appeared as though there was something the couple in red had that the couple in white sought.