Source: Paul Taylor American Modern Dance

There more than a dozen dancers in the Promethean Fire piece, all clad in black with white stripes. The dancers moved as though they were one organism, writhing like fire. In my opinion, the dance piece resembled a fire, burning bright in some moments and dimming in others. The dancers all moved in a purposeful choreographed movements, for example some dancers were moving to the left and some to the right, each separate movements contributing to a single overall movement of the fire. For example, one dancer was moving in the center of a circled created by other dancers rolling on the floor in one direction, this is a use of vertical and horizontal space. These actions made it seem as though the fire is dying, becoming very dim. However soon after, the dancers on the floor came up, created several lines, and ran around the floor. These actions created a sense of a fire dying then just as quickly coming back to life, burning haphazardly.

As I watched the dance, I though of what I knew about the myth of Prometheus. At one point, the dancers all piled on top each other, creating a boulder (in my mind) with one dance laying down in front of the boulder, just like Prometheus was chained for giving fire to humankind. I interpreted this dance as a fire reflected with Human emotions brought forth when Promethus enlightened people by giving them this gift. The dancers used every part of their bodies to create this story.