Dance Company: Paul Taylor Dance Company

Title: Diversion of Angels

Venue: Lincoln Center

The first performance focused on themes of temptation, forbidden love, and desire or longing. There were three couples: the couple in white, the couple in red, and the couple in yellow. To me it seemed that the woman from the red couple was seductive and compulsive in her movements. She would dance across the stage in slow movements in which she would tip her hand to the ground and balance on one leg. She did this same movement repeatedly across the stage. Her playful and quirky actions made her come off as a flirty character in the dance. When her partner would dance with her their actions would be very fluid and intertwined. They would also use most of the space of the stage, especially the woman in the red costume. The couple in the white had a totally different style on stage. The couple in white seemed to use less space on the stage and also had more stable and slower movements. When the red couple was on stage it seemed as if the white couple would stop their dance to stay in place in order to watch the red couple which I thought symbolized desire. The couple in yellow was similar to the red couple in terms of energy and time but not in body. The couple in yellow had quick movements which also made them seem flirty but they did not have the same seductive quality in their movements. It seemed that the couple in white was a stable couple while the couple in red was a passionate couple and the couple in yellow was more of a friendship than a couple. The play might be called Diversion of Angels because it seemed like the couple in red was tempting the couple in white throughout the dance. Through their body and energy it seemed like there was something the couple in red had that the couple in white desired. This might also allude to the couple in white representing angels who are tempted by instability, passion, or lust.