This is a photograph of a storefront window of one of the Black Panther Party offices after a firefight with local police.

The detail includes shattered bullet proof glass, pierced with bullets and black and white images of the Black Power movement initiatives including the Cleaver for President campaign and the Leader of the Panthers, Huey P. Newton seated in a regal, king like pose.

The photograph of the bullet ridden storefront window encased by a white frame for exhibit. The entrance way to the office is not included in the frame, nor any of the broken glass at the store front.

There is daylight or lighting reflected in the glass (that is captured in the frame) remaining in the storefront. The event occurred prior to the photograph. The setting was around 1968 and after the declaration of the Cleaver for President Campaign. It predicts the future as a systematic killing of the hopes of the Black Panthers, their leadership and their efforts to pursue National Presidential power.

The Vantage point was that of someone standing on the street. This vantage point matters as it appears to be from an outsider from the Party and while there appears to be a chronicling matter of fact-ness to the photography, by having the camera close to the storefront window, it shows force and multitude of the bullets used during this incident. Due to the photographer’s proximity, there is a perception of depth of the glass that was penetrated and the corresponding force to penetrate the glass. There appears to be emotion, an urgency and the sense of needing to stop the people in the office by force and with any amount necessary.