6AA3D7B4-AA7B-41B6-9C62-F284DBEA74F6-246-00000008B123125B_tmpThe photography is of a woman holding a broom with the American flag hanging behind her in the background. She is serious and not directly looking into the camera. When looking away from the camera there is a look of despair I think its interesting the photographer didn’t put everything into focus. The woman is the best thing seen and everything is blurred in the background. The time the image was taken was during the civil rights movement. The photograph is staged possibly giving an outlook of an African American woman struggle. This photo reminds me of the old painting of a farmer and his wife posing in front of their housing. The frame is tight and leaves out half of the woman’s body but keeps all of the American flag. This is because the photograph has two subjects, the woman and American flag. The framing draws the viewer’s focus towards them both. This makes the image powerful because the audience must correlate the two subjects together and determine the contrast. The photograph is framed like a vertical long shot but leaves out the traditional full body view. This is due to its vat age point. The photograph is a photo that may look like a glance at an every day worker.