After exhibiting majority of the International Center of Photography, I left with a very emotional understanding of major political/social issues that are consistent in modern day. One of the most captivating images that I resonated and felt most moved by, was Gabriel Roman’s Queer Icons.This four collage piece consisted of 4 individuals who’s experience as gay/lesbian/bisexual identities have influenced their lives. In this particular image, I found very powerful the woman who stands in the center of the image, promoting a fierce, and serious expression while the hand movement is very artistic. More so, the subject is dressed in a red robe, as if to symbolize royalty, alongside the halo, giving a very heavenly, almighty and even holy perspective to her image. The frame, itself consists of words, which if read carefully, are words of the subject. In this, the subject explains her journey as a queer woman, having been critiqued and overall overcoming society as an obstacle. The vantage point, of the image, gives off as standing right in front, directly facing the subject. That said, the woman, with her fierce look in the portrait seemingly looks at the audience, in a position of defense. The black and white color of her skin, in contrast to her clothing, which depicted in color, portray an emphasis on her own value, giving her a saint-like perspective. More so, from personal experience, religious ties often have been the biggest source of judgement, as ‘seeking penance’ and the act of confessions is a very commonly performed in catholic religion. More so, having the subject, stand as a saint, someone who would often contradict the traditional religious texts/beliefs, becomes a very powerful image, as if it were her, a heroin who is worshipped rather than be the subject of judgement.image1