The thing itself: A table filled with sand and a large projection of images over it.

Detail: When you first see this object from afar it just looks as if it is a table being projected with images. The sand like structure almost looks solid, it does not seem like sand when you look at it from afar. When I got closer to the structure I still did not understand what it was until the tour guide mentions to us that the object was just a table with sand. The artist manipulated the sand, the artist had a certain image in mind while he/she shaped the piece. When you looked above, there were a number of projectors and mirrors that reflected the images onto the piece itself. There were a number of images that were projected onto the piece such as the famous event of a little boy in the Middle East that was lying dead on the beach. That piece spoke the most to me while I saw all the pictures from this art piece.

Frame: The frame is the table itself. The artist also had to mold and sculpt the sand to portray their exact message. The molding of the sand a certain way can drastically alter the message of the piece. The artist sculpted the sand in such a way that viewers can see a birds eye’s view of the trip that many refugees take on their journey. When I was looking at the piece from a birds eyes view it was interesting to think about how anyone can really just touch the piece and change the piece. Of course there is a no touching policy but a reckless viewer might smash the piece and ruin the entire thing. It felt almost like it was alive, it was alive and breathing because of the way the artist shaped and presented it. The artist also had to select a certain number of pictures that they would want to be projected onto the table. The artist was careful in the amount of pictures they picked, and which pictures captured the message they wanted to portray.

Time: There is no time that is given to this piece; it seemed very open ended to me. The pictures that were presented were all taken at different times and different places. In my opinion this piece would be relevant at any point in history.

Vantage Point: The point of this piece was to show viewers the life and journey of refugees and try to show viewers what a day in the life of a refugee is like. It seemed more informative than trying to undertake a certain persons view. To me it seemed like the point was, “hey, look at these pictures and understand what’s going on in the world. These things are happening and we do not even notice it because we are so occupied with our iphones and what we will eat for dinner” This piece is just a way to open the eyes of anyone who chooses to take a second and take in this piece and its message.