The Thing Itself: This Image shows a collection of photos put together to display the history of Gender Fluidity. In these photographs, we can see the history of rejection has come to a more accepting present day.

The Detail: The collage shows a feminine and more bold way of expression through flowers scattered throughout and subtle hints of nudity. In the top right corner there is a picture of three individuals standing in front of a blackboard. Written behind them is, “Women are Powerful and Dangerous”. This being mashed together with photographs and news articles pertaining to transgenders draws all these issues together.

The Frame: The way the pictures are pieced together, a scrapbooking technique leads me to believe that all the photographs symbolize an idea of conjunction and pride. All these pictures that are so few of many examples of people coming out to the world, showing who they really are symbolize a fight for acceptance. This movement is monumented in this exhibit, with all the smiling faces of those who were not afraid to counter the social romanticized norms.

Time: Including articles and photos from, without exact dates, but from a time where things were recorded in black and white, insinuate the long ongoing struggle. This has been an issue since bonnets, corsets and ankle-covering skirts were still in style!

Vantage Point: Being that there are many photos mashed together, the photograph I include from the exhibit connects captures both the image representation of the history, but also the literature that came with it as a description. The gradation of the pictures going in what looks to be chronological order, black and white to color. Seeing this contrast adds to the idea that we’re living in a historical time for turning points of acceptance and resistance.