B93nzA_LNuSQWwG5bIR7anL6JGfM0aKeSyE-d_OliGPRuZx9fXD0OeGqg6dB6n9jiqmmfRL81HHLmaH6AdMcfC5UzOHN6DrzvHjAdcwS3eabBC64e4PTfBBf7y2XcEG8AyissHUk4w6hXEmvECU-GW7OG7RqOnnMh60BJXMUHQNNt4wd2Li98olCTEThe six critical issues transformed by visual culture in the show Perpetual Revolution at International Center of Photography were Black lives matter, gender fluidity, climate change, terrorist propaganda, the right-wing fringe and the 2016 election, and the refugee crisis. From the six issues, I chose one photography work from climate change and it is called, Chasing Ice. This work is by James Balog and it is a video that shows the work of photographers when they are trying to capture the snowfall or ice. In this work the thing itself is most likely similar to the photograph because they showed both of them in the video. They showed what they captured in their camera and what it really is in real life. The detail of the object is that it was so clear to see that it looked very realistic. In the frame of the work, what was shown was the snow falling and what not shown was the photographers that tried to capture those images and the video showed what was shown and what was not shown. The time seemed like daytime because the lighting was light and the snow was falling when they captured it. The vintage point seemed like the photographer was on bottom of the mountain, but actually the photographer was on top of the mountain when he took the video or the picture. I chose this work because this work showed their point of view when they took the picture or video and it was so realistic.