One of the artistic show in the perpetual revolution created by James Balog, showing awareness of raising global temperature. The object itself is the recording of the glaciers rotating violently into the sea. Our tour guide mention that the glacier featured in the video could be compared to the size of the Lower Manhattan. The detail of the glaciers was vivid to the last detail and it’s fascinating to view of large chucks of ice craving itself. The video is also accompany by sound where we can hear, sense and feel the climate change in motion. The frame of the work were the interaction between the glaciers and the sea and the movement across the surface. The time of the clip was captured during the daytime or a period of light reflecting on the snow. As for the vantage point, I can only theorize that they record it on a secure foot-holding from solid ground or mountain. In the clip, we did detect vibration through the shaking of the camera. One of the most inspirational aspect of the project is his effort of using his profession to create a dialogue between humanity and Mother Nature. His work shaped our concerns of human activity on the planet.