This is graffiti art that was ripped from a graffiti notebook a friend of mine carries, and gifted to me. Graffiti as an art form isn’t legal within most countries and the significance of that, superficially lies in it’s legality for the resistance portion of this assignment. However the story behind the drawing gives it a different resistance aspect. This was given to me by an individual who you can call “artistic.” Many artists defy the standard way of expression, and portray their thoughts through their art instead, which I think, speaks higher volumes.

The original drawing was missing the “JK” (just kidding) part. This portrayal of the feeling he initially had was then altered to express a much larger one. This is where I think the “get creative” expression comes from – the artists that defy the standard way to express something that you would non-creatively. This defies the social norm of interaction, but in a really cool way.

This image as a form of art, is portraying another form of defiant art which is expressing “defiance” within the social communication aspect. In other words The Matrix.