I wrote this poem with what I perceived her poem I’m Nobody would sound like in today’s time.

I’m Somebody – who the fuck are you?

You’re just Somebody too!

This is not a luck jar

For you to dip your toes in boo.

It’s my world too – and I’ll spit

Whatever my jaw can do.

No hopers? Shit –

You give me no hope

To keep this dope mind on

The ropes to grope at success –image-1

Don’t miss

My point – like my black Indian pipe

You diss life with your ripe

Lies and construct or destruct

Interaction with affliction

And your despise

Toward everything we stand for.

Make it great again?

Nah man,

‘Cause I know I will not end for

This war over a wall?

A wall?! Shit, I thought that was jokes

For the blokes who don’t know

No better show than to see

What Trumps got to be

In the news for – and its on my mind

Can’t stay on my grind

With this bull shit.

Build a wall around my lines

Of existence –

And submerge within the misfits

That are fined time  and time

Again for being so fed up with money and fame.