Previously, we had discussed in class what we ultimately define “Art” to be. Art, to most, meant a piece that was created to solely move someone, emotionally, and mentally. A piece of art is something that an audience can relate with and trigger some type of feeling within them. And for the most part, I agree. To me, art has always been anything we not only invest our time and effort into, but our emotion and heart into.

One example of Art I have long pursued is dance. More specifically, cultural dancing. Ever since I was seven years old, I have been able to perform at cultural events, from birthday parties to parades in representation of my roots, the mexican community. This form of the ar tallows me to connect with my ancestors. From the music, to the costumes and traditions, cultural dancing has influenced my life. However, other forms including photography have left its print on my life. The arts allow a form of expression when it can’t be done in words.

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By Ilana Krugolets