Last night I attended an art event called “Our Bodies” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The show featured many female artists using visual art: photography, collage,  painting, installation, etc. The show was meant for female empowerment, as explained in the flier, and in the pieces themselves. There was imagery of media’s images of “perfect” women in magazines all cut up in a collage, there were heels glued together by their backs and made to look like a clothing hanger, and a broom dangling from a thick metal chain with the caption reading “Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.” There was a transparent coffin full of soil, fake flowers, and female dolls. There was even a white rose frozen in between layers of ice. All of these pieces were designed to make one think about women in today’s society. There was a seven dollar entrance fee to enter, with drinks being sold at makeshift bars in this large loft space. All profits from the evening went to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenhood signs were on the doors, and free pins, chapsticks and pens were for the taking. It was advertised in the flier, and frankly it was a great reason to attend, because it’s donating to a great cause. This photo is a friend of mine wearing the pin last night. She placed it over her nipple to reference the feminist movement, free the nipple, which questions why women’s bodies are automatically sexualized and considered “inappropriate” but it is normal for men to be topless. The show, “Our Bodies” was not only a great experience, but full of feminist resistance!