In the class, we learned that photography is moment in time captured through camera. Today, it is really easy to take photos so that we can take photos whenever we want. People take photos with their phones and cameras every day that photography became our daily art. Photography is shown in 2D so we cannot see what is behind and because of that I think the photography is amazing because people can imagine so many different backgrounds through one photography.

The word resistance had several similar meanings that were fight, support, and protection. Those three meanings mostly matched my photo of resistance. As I was walking from the Herald Square to the Times Square, I saw this statue and took the picture right away. This statue looked like they were supporting each other and they would not be so great if one of the animals is not there. The picture came out as the top of the animals were about to fall because it was tilted a bit. I decided not to edit the picture because the picture is more close to the word resistance when it is tilted. When I tried to edit the photo and make them flat on the ground, it was completely different so that the picture was not close to the word resistance.IMG_1985.JPG