Downtown Wall Street Financial District area was heel to heel foot traffic to all who looked on; as two groups of protagonists formed: the immigrant workers on the top of the project site fighting for the same wages and Union membership and those at the bottom who are Union members. There was literal shouting from both parties. There were camera phones and eyes that transfixed to this science. New Yorkers who are used to seeing the large rat balloon blow up as a symbol for injustice, saw the ballon and scene highlighting the immigration issue of today’s media blitz. What would happen if the non-Unionized labor walked off the work site? Better yet, if they denied access to site for the Unionized? We saw this real time and the resistance to both sides was dense and filled the emotional air and created a vacuum…those passerbys who shouted to let the Union workers back on site versus those stopping to cheer to to others saying, fair pay for all and others just going about their day non- the wiser. The resistance I captured in this photo was the flip to the status quo the empowered being on top. Many see the Unionized as being powerful but indeed those able to work are the empowered (KINGS) in this scenario.