Photography is a peculiar thing, many will argue that it cannot be classified as art due to the very nature of it depicting reality and not allowing imagination and creativity to flourish. What’s important though is not if photography is art, but whether or not the photographer is an artist – most cases could potentially point to a yes.  Resistance in photography is difficult to express since the guidelines and “techniques” available are mostly encompassed in the technical realm and thus provide little freedom of choice.

Now art itself can be portraying resistance, be it through a decision the artist took in order to differentiate himself from the common opinion or because there is truly an idea of “resistance” behind a photograph. Generally the theme of resistance is hard to capture since it can be very broad and ultimately quite subjective. The best picture I took this week that I felt conveyed some form of resistance is of this building in Lower Manhattan.  Usually buildings are governed by the laws of physic and cannot truly showcase artistic freedom but in this particular structure I felt that the architect really tried as much as he could to resist the typical guideline of making rectangular skyscrapers and instead made it look like a Jenga game. It’s quite unlike anything else I’ve ever seen before.