In many ways, we resist many things on a daily basis. We may not notice it when we do resist, but resistance comes in many forms no matter how small. It is easy to miss certain forms of resistance. As a student, many of us are allowed to use our smartphones or laptops in class. In high school, electronics were strictly prohibited. If a teacher or faculty saw any student with an electronic, the electronic would be confiscated. The use of electronics were seen as a distraction to many students. The picture I took is of a fellow Hunter College student, hiding the fact that she was using a cellphone from the professor. Many students find ways to use their phone in class. She was using her notebook to hide the fact that she was using her phone in class while the professor was speaking. Other students in the photo can be seen using laptops and cellphones as well. The fact that I used my phone to take the picture was also a form of resistance. We are somewhat resisting the professor  in a small way. maliha-resisting