This picture shows a bunch of radishes that were found in a garden of weeds, I believe this picture shows their resistance to die and instead thrive.

In the summer, I worked in Your Park! Your Health! program in the National Park Service. As part of our job, we were in charge of maintaining our garden behind our building. In the first week, we cleared the garden plots and planted vegetables. We planted different types of tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, strawberries, edamame, peas, etc. However, after one week of negligence the garden became a sea of weeds about a yard high, our precious vegetables swallowed up and strangled. We proceeded to once again put in the hard labor of weeding for the day, getting our hands dirty and perspiring under the hot sun. The work was mundane and monotonous. Irritation marked most of our faces. Until someone yell, “Guys! There’s something growing here!”. We rushed to see what alarmed her and saw, deep within the jungle of weeds were our radishes, thriving deep within.