I took this picture on Monday February 20th, also recalled to be President’s Day. For this occasion, I decided to go out to the anti-Trump “Not my President” protest that was held around Columbus Circle. On my way back from the protest, I saw this little boy on the subway, holding a placard that must have been prepared for the rally. Out of all the pictures i took form this event, I thought this one was the most powerful and suited the “resistance” theme the best.

I really like the contrast between the innocence and detached look of the kid and this powerful and full of anger fist drawing he is holding with one hand.

I also like the attitude of the surrounding people; everybody is looking away from the boy, making him appear very lonely on that subway bench. This could be a metaphor on how resistance can be difficult to make understand and how one’s fight sometimes doesn’t affect other people around you. I think this emphasized one key point of resisting: keeping up the fight, holding the placard even when other people are too caught up in their lives to pay attention to your message.