The arrangement of the objects in the exhibit were amazing. I love how it went through a time line. You could see Emily Dickinson’s life pretty much played out for you which I believe gave me a better understanding of Dickinson. From both The exhibit and the woman who showed us through the exhibit I feel like a gathered a lot of information. There wasn’t much about Emily Dickinson that I had known before so learning that she wasn’t always a secluded person was interesting. From this curation its as if you can see Dickinson pulling herself away from people through out her life. The only thing about her life I wish I could grasp more of is why she decided to become so isolated and why she didn’t want her poems to be noticed by the world. 20170210_174317

Although I am not a big fan of poems I enjoyed reading about and seeing Emily Dickinson’s art form on display. My favorite poem is “I’m Nobody Who are you?” I think because it seems like it helps you understand who she is. And maybe all her poems were an indication of who Dickinson really was.