For the class, we went to the Morgan Library for the Emily Dickinson tour. There were letters, poems, books, and pictures that were related to Emily Dickinson. The displayed objects showed relationships that Emily Dickinson had with other people and the social life that Emily had during that time.

When I entered the space of Emily Dickinson, I thought it was very neat and clean. First, the order of the poems and letters were chronological and nicely displayed. What I really liked in the show was that there were flowery wallpapers that seemed like her room’s wallpaper. It showed that the show tried to imitate her life as much as possible.

In the show, the choice of objects were like Bible she read, book of herbalism that she had, and the yearbook of the school that she went. Based on the information, Emily Dickinson had good house, schools, and good educations. In my opinion, the text or the written language showed her social life back then. I really enjoyed the show and I think they do not have to include anything more.