The arts are a way to escape from our daily lives. Everyone is busy with school, work, and other non-creative aspects of life and sometimes experiencing art whether its in the form of drawing, painting, a Broadway musical, museum gallery viewing, it is a great way to unwind and relax. The arts can also be used in a therapeutic way; again it is a form of relaxation. Sometimes the arts is used as a form of rehabilitation. The arts are also a way to connect with other people whether or not they are similar to you or extremely different. The arts are also a good way to learn about a specific time period or place. You can understand the way people were feeling during a certain time period through paintings, photographs, songs, and performances. The arts are a way to broaden your horizons about other cultures as well.
In the West Building I decided to take a picture of a painting done by Friedel Dzubas. It looks very plain, only made up of brushstrokes. The brushstrokes are different shapes, and different colors. Each of the colors however work well with each other. The colors are very monotone with only a few bursts of pink and red. It seems like just any other painting and it is hung up in the middle of the hallway hundreds of students pass every single day. For the years I have been at Hunter College, I did not notice this piece of art. It is very simple, and not very distracting. This painting would fit well in places like hospitals or doctor offices. I do not see this painting being put up in a household. west-builidng