The show at the Morgan library was organized in a way where it showed the different parts of her life as you went around the room starting from birth to death. What I felt was unique about it was the way they displayed the letters she wrote to love ones and friends. The one thing the show and tour guide I felt was trying to focus on was Emily’s connection to others. It showed her poems in newspapers and the constant contact with a writer. I think the fascination with her connection with others comes from her liking to be by herself. They explained her as having a close network of friends but sometimes not wanting to ever leave her room. They tried to explain why her poems were so interesting in topic by contrasting it to the surrounding culture.

The show also allowed for speculation and presented things that was speculated. This was such as a specific photo of Emily Dickenson that was not actually proven to be her but the resemblance was so similar. They talked about possible romances. In providing these speculation I think it added to the show because it showed the mystery behind Emily. Also by adding speculations I believe it allows the spectators of the show to develop questions .

I felt if the show could include anything else I would like to know see how people reacted her poems through articles and other written pieces. It is important to see what gravitates people towards her.