The Arts are an outlet through different mediums for self expression. Art is filled into my day to day through taking photos on my phone. I’m always trying to find a one of a kind photo in the particular place i may be in the city. It’s like my current running photo journal that I try to add to daily. In the past, I’ve taken a Design course, where we looked at symmetry and shadows that are created in symmetrical art pieces. I often reflect on this course when I view a new building or room in a building. It has shaped my view and of course I’m always like a tourist.This tourist eye is is a form of creativity and it fuels inspiration. I may be inspired to crochet a similar piece or hat that I see on the train or write a poem about the feeling I felt in my travels.The photo is  a stamped piece of my personal history. Photography or a piece on an art canvas in a Museum represents a kindred spirit’s art and I enjoy sharing in that moment they were inspired to replicate. I am an artist and an art appreciator…I enjoy creating and the creative process. This semester I would like to hone my skills for analysis and to learn more about the analytical process from professionals.

Hunter East- 17th Floor:

On the walk to the East Bldg we decided to press a floor and the “TOP” floor seemed like the appropriate place since many other groups scanning the East Bldg. may not have taken the elevator up there. We were drawn to the juxtaposed photos with the tall vase with long stemmed flowers next to a short vase and a single short flower. The fact that they were next to each other on one wall showed a co-existence and open mindedness to me.