What does “the arts” mean? To me, art is form of communication or expression and it normal for people to experience different emotions experiencing art. From the beginning of time, people used art as a method to communicate with people about their experiences and contributed to the development of writing. It is deriving from the artist’s imagination/skill that produces in visual form such as painting, drawing, sculpture or etc. The artist’s intent shapes the meaning of the craft and evokes a certain emotion from others because art carries symbolic meanings. To me, the purpose of the art is to please the artist and they are not obligated to create something with the sole purpose of pleasing the general public. People used art as entertainment and the meaning of the art is usually culturally specific. One of the biggest factors that contribute to the artist’s craft is there culture background. Each person and culture generates different level of tolerance, taste in art, perspective/values/beliefs on life and differentiate from one another. I think that’s what makes art so unique because the possibility is endless. In one of my other courses, I learned that art could be used for psychological and healing purposes. Psychologist could use art to measure someone’s personality and emotions. Patients seem to be more comfortable to convey their feelings through drawings and gain better insight of their mental state. The art piece I found is located in the Hunter library 1st floor and the photo was called “MALI” and I find this picture to be interesting and it’s trying to convoy a message to the viewer. The light and dark contrast becomes more concentrated as you look through the center and there’s a person standing in the end of the path. To me the photo means to look within ourselves and find the true you. As a college student, we all experience difficult time discovering ourselves maturing as adults and the pathway in the photo could be the symbolic meaning of journey. While the light and dark contrast is the challenges along the way.