There has never been a time in human history where artistic creations truly disappeared. While the meaning of the word art might have evolved over time it was initially a very basic form of communication. The creator establishes a connection with himself and the viewer but the fascinating part is that this very relation between art and humans is so intrinsic. In its most primitive form it can range from very simple drawings or sketching to an immensely complex and elaborate gathering of multiple minds in order to perform various sonorities. Ultimately, it is without a doubt deeply tied with the notion of culture since the influences of an artist cannot only be limited to himself but also to the environment that encompasses him – without being conscious of it –  it dictates several aspects of his work. Art might be a byproduct of something that is finite but it is quintessentially timeless.

Obviously, everyone has different tastes and enjoys different things which is what makes all of us interesting and diverse. For myself, I mostly enjoy art that is pleasing to my eyes or ears. Fundamentally, I am not exactly a connoisseur of a particular discipline except the one I perform (music) and I tend to simply gravitate towards the pieces that I find interesting and beautiful.  While this could be viewed as shallow and unimaginative I tend to think that if something fails to speak to us on one of the most superficial forms then it not meant for us. Choices of art are plentiful and this diversity is what makes it all so compelling.


For my photo I chose something that one of my friends showed me when visiting New York for the first time – a part of the Berlin Wall. If someone who wasn’t aware of its historical significance and connotation he would simply dismiss it as a rather mundane form of street art. Instead, it portrays the feelings of a world that was deeply divided in the Cold War era. An interesting fact is that art in that period was only found in the “Western” side of the Berlin Wall since the East block had banned people from approaching it.