The arts have always been a major part of my life. To me, they are a way of expressing yourself and saying things you may not be able to find the words to say. Growing up, I was very involved in theatre and took part in every production my high school put on. I found that not only did I have a very enjoyable time, but I was also able to find bits of myself in every character. Through assignments I was given by my theatre teacher, I was able to write my own plays and express my emotions and convey a certain message. The arts provide an outlet for many people, especially those who may be more introverted to convey their thoughts and feelings in a fun, artistic way that is enjoyable for other people, as well as the artist. On my exploration of the Hunter west building, I found this poster advertising the schools feminist theater. I feel this is a great representation of how the arts are able to incorporate so many different things such as feminism and other matters that are currently relevant in society today.