Through the arts, we can express our emotions, and there are many ways to express them. To express sadness, an artist can write a song or perform a dance. To remember happy moments in their lives, they can take photos or write a sonnet. By looking at an art piece, watching a dance performance, or hearing a song, we can also learn their story. Not all stories are told verbally; we use different art forms. An excellent example of this is history. Events from the past can be explained by observing different art forms. Another thing about the arts is there are no flaws. To others, a piece might look ugly or sound terrible, but someone else can see the beauty behind it.

The arts play a role in everyone’s lives including in mine. During junior high, I played three different instruments (flute, guitar, and piano). I took a sculpture and drawing class during my senior year of high school. Some of my artworks were displayed at the fine arts night at my school. I would like to learn more photography and dance. Urban art is also an interest of mine.

This artwork was located on the 8th floor in the East building. Unfortunately, the piece did not have the name of the artist or the medium. The artist painted a variety of shapes using different colors, but the black scribbles contrast against the colorful background. Overall, the painting is abstract and gives the feeling of playfulness. I barely see any artwork in the East building, so this painting makes the area seem less dull.