Art can express your thoughts and feelings and I believe that art can do so much things in our lives. In my childhood, I got interested in art by wathing animation on television. When i grew older, I started to borrow manga books from the store and got interested in mangas. I consider myself as a fan of the arts. These days, i read manga and watch animation through the computer or my phone.

And i was only interested in manga and animation. However, when i took Liberal art 101, in Hunter I realized that i want to learn more about what art is. And truly explore the world of art.

For scavenger hunt, i went to the North building and i went to 11th floor where there is photography room. In front of there, i saw a photography art called, visible man by Alexander Dwinell. This art was interesting because he used light bulbs to make shadows and it is just an interesting photography to look at.